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Fix Missing FSX FA-18 and EH101 HUD and Gauges
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After building a new computer and migrating all of the software from the old computer over to it, I discovered that when running FSX  Acceleration and flying the F/A-18 fighter or the EH101 helicopter I no longer had a HUD or any of the glass panel gauges. I later noticed that I had also lost the HUD and glass panel gauges in other aircraft using the same gauges.

Base Computer is:

Intel DX58SO2 motherboard
Intel I7-980X CPU
3GB memory
4 1TB drives
ATI Radeon HD-5870 1GB video card

After checking that the fa-18.dll and eh101.dll files were present in the FSX gauge subdirectory, I first tried a reinstall and used the 'repair' feature of both FSX and Acceleration to no avail - the problem remained.

I removed and reinstalled all versions of .net, no luck. I removed and reinstalled Simconnect, nada. I copied all of the files from my working backup system, including registry entries - the problem remained.

After really watching all of the messages during the reinstall of FSX Acceleration I noticed that parts of the installation were not being done. Digging further it seemed as though FSX was acting as if SP1 had not been installed but Acceleration was thinking it was.

I checked the Acceleration DVD and the SP1 file was there and should have been installed if it was missing from the FSX installation. The only thing I could conclude was that the SP1 install had been corrupted to the point that FSX thought is was not installed and Acceleration thought it was.

I finally resolved my problem by:

1 - Uninstalled FSX Acceleration

2 - Reinstalled FSX SP1 (can be downloaded from MS)

3 - Reinstalled FSX Acceleration

The HUD and glass panel gauges are now working correctly.

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Last Updated 01-05-2018
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