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The Company:
Multi Path Communications (MPC) was founded in 1984 by Stan Gondek to provide services to mini-computer users. Services included system integration, setup, and support. Programming services and time-sharing were also provided. In 1986 the PC started making inroads into the mini-computer market to the point where mini-computer users were leaving their much beloved(?) mini systems for PCs. Unlike many others in the mini-computer market, MPC saw this as an exciting technology boom and a growing business opportunity which we heavily involved ourselves in.

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The Owner:
Stan got the electronics bug in high school and, being a shy person (even trained in classical music), he sought to build silent and invisible pain field generators to get back at the people who always picked on him. He was always tinkering with the latest developments in electronics and picked up his HAM radio license. His neighbors pretty much left him alone because “...that little nerd might ZAP us with something!” His interest in state of the art technology continues today.

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The Need For Speed:
The need for speed and power goes beyond computers. Stan had also raced motorcycles since he was a kid and, growing up during classic mega-horsepower factory car years, had a passion for high powered small block Chevy engines stuffed into the smallest cars he could find. He lived by simple mottos like “if there isn't a hole in the hood....you need a bigger engine” and “if you have got room for a passenger....the engine isn't big enough”.

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The Electronic Music Connection:
The PC, MIDI controlled music synthesizers, and software sequencers made it possible for Stan to indulge in his electronic and music passions. Always looking toward state of the art products and services, he turned MPC toward this new and exciting electronic music business. With four Kurzweil synthesizers, a Roland digital sampler and drum machine, Yamaha and JBL sound system, and Cakewalk sequencing software running on a PC, we were ready to take the computer music business by storm. Well we were a bit early on this one as the only storm we saw was on TV with some young gal and a dog over there in Kansas. We did learn a lot about MIDI and PCs though.

The fact that the MIDI stuff did not take off didn’t worry old Stan. He figured that with all of the stuff we had learned about PCs, especially which parts worked the best together and lasted the longest, we should start building and selling our own. Word got around that Stan was building and selling PC systems and, with his reputation for putting together fast and tough stuff, the business really took off.

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The Company Policy:
On the matter of PCs, Stan is as much of a stickler for performance and durability. If a manufacturer's product will not meet or exceed current standard benchmarks, it will not be found in an MPC system. If a manufacturer will not warranty their product, it will not be found in an MPC system. With that said, you will not find any 'bargain basement' systems at MPC as you see advertised at the local discount houses or mail order houses. By the same token, our pricing is very competitive with major name brand systems.

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The Services:
If you need a PC configured to your specifications, no matter how ‘weird’ some of the discount or mail order computer houses tell you it is, we will not only build it for you, but we will also install any applications software on it and make sure that works also. That includes servers, desk top PCs, MIDI control stations, graphics and video development stations or special ‘one of a kind’ configurations including multiple CPUs.

We work with MAC OS X, LINUX, Windows XP/2000/VISTA, NT-3.5/40 and Windows 7/8/8.1/10 on a daily basis.

We have been involved with networking since the early days of computer to computer low speed dial-up networks. Today we can assist you with wireless communications using routers, wireless bridges and ethernet switches for port sharing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.....send us an E-Mail and let us know what you think of our products and services and how we can make them better for you.


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